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Mid-Point Evaluations

Just a reminder that both the Mentor and Mentee Mid-Point Evaluations are due to be completed this month and then turned into the SALT Point Person by Sunday, Feb. 3. SALT Point Persons are then asked to mail in the evaluations. Please mail all evaluations to the following address:

Nappanee First Brethren Church
Attn: Pastor Ryan
1600 N. Main St.
Nappanee, IN 46550

Here is a link to a PDF download of each form.


Hitting Stride

Well, by now you should be well underway with the program. I trust that all is well and the initial bugs and jitters have been worked out and you're now a well oiled mentoring machine. If not, please don't hesitate to ask for some guidance and help.

YAC is constantly looking for ways to tweak and improve the program, so as you have ideas, please pass them on to us.

Be aware too, that coming up in a couple of months it will be time to complete and send in your mid-point evaluations (which are located in the mentor's manual). Please make it a point to do this and get it back to us, as this will be a very important tool for us in improving the program overall.

Also, if you would, we'd like to have an idea of which churches are participating this year and how many participants you have in the program. We don't need names of the participants or anything like that; we just need locations and numbers. You can either email that information in to YAC or you can post a comment here with that information.

Know that the work you are doing with students in not for nothing, but you are playing a key role in helping to shape a better tomorrow. Continue to press forward and know you're not alone and that you're doing an amazing work for the Kingdom.

(Ryan Smith)


"River Running" Confusion

This post will seek to address several reoccurring questions about the River Running training curriculum that is to be used as part of SALT1.

1. Yes, you will need vol. 1 & 2 in order to complete this first year of the program.

2. Prior to this year River Running (R.R.) was one whole book, not two separate volumes. As such, the SALT manual was created using the single R.R. book, which now makes the page numbers listed in the month to month assignment section of SALT1 incorrect. Most simply you will begin September using R.R. vol. 1 Run 1 and advance one Run (lesson) each month till the end of the program.

3. It is not necessary that the mentors have the R.R. Leader's Guide. The only difference between the Leader's Guide and the Student Guide is the Leader's Guide has group activities suggested for each lesson. Since you are not doing this as a group, these activities many times do not apply. I would advise that the SALT Point Person have a copy of the R.R. Leader's Guide, making note of any activities they think might be appropriate and then share that information with the mentors.

4. Yes, there are several options for ordering the material, all of which have different price options. Shop around and go with the company you like best.

I hope this information helps, and that you are well on your way to a successful year of SALT.

(Ryan Smith)


Please Be Aware

It was recently brought to our attention that on page 18 of the manual it states that YAC is to have the final say as to whether accept or reject a student's application. This is incorrect, the SALT Point Person has the final say and YAC is simply here as a guide/help if we are so needed. Sorry if this has created any confusion along the way as you've planned and prepared.

Secondly, we realize it may be costly and time consuming to print the entire manual for your mentors, please feel free to only print the portions that would be most helpful to them. It would be a good idea to have at least one complete copy on hand for fast reference.

We pray all is coming together well for you as you work to get the SALT program up and running for your group, please let us know how we can be of help to you.

(Ryan Smith)